Yoga Nidra for Covid Support

This is a 30 minute welcome nidra taken from Nirlipta’s specially created course Yoga Nidra for Covid Support. It is a welcoming practice that you can continue to come back to throughout your recovery. Don’t worry, you do not need any prior experience of yoga or yoga nidra to do these practices and benefit from them. […]

Yoga Nidra for Pain Relief (Spanish)

He creado este Yoga Nidra para el alivio y la gestien del Dolor. Como paciente misma del dolor, llevo muchos anos explorando e investigando con el Dolor a traves de tecnicas de mindfulness, la respiracion y la tecnica de Yoga Nidra. Recomiendo esta pracitca tanto si vives con dolor cronico , como dolor puntual, por la recuperacion de […]

Rest and Recovery

This yoga nidra was created for the exhibition Circuit Training – a Retrospective in Becoming. Konsthall C 15 Years 2004-2019 in Stockholm ( under the theme of Rest and Recovery. Konsthall C chose this theme due to a series of burnouts among art workers in Sweden and the nidra is created with that context in mind intending to provide rest and […]

Tensions release for deep rest

A 15-minute yoga Nidra to release all the tensions so that you can sleep better. ideal to do in the evening but also can be done whenever you need to take a break for yourself or need to let go of tensions and worries.

Yoga Nidra en la Naturaleza

This session was delivered in the forest of Southern Chile, next to a small creek. Specially designed to promote processes of mental healing and any kind of physical restoration.

In Between spaces

This session is useful for pain release and re-connection with the self and/or intentions. The rotation goes around the spaces that exist in between body parts, bringing awareness of the space/connection we have in and out… The breathing goes in between the space and connection of the body with the earth and the sky. the intentions can be routed […]

Russian Yoga Nidra – Healing Light

Yoga Nidra recorded in May 2018, primary focus is the connection and awakening of healing force within our body to allow the healing to take place.

Yoga Nidra: Feeling Nourished and Energised

19minutes 27 seconds This nidra uses imagery of a drop of nectar nourishing the body and invites you to see the body glowing with energy, energy moving freely through you with your breath. Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness between wakefulness and sleep. In the space we can bring relief to the physical body, […]

Bridget Reader YN 1

Short script with influence from ayurveda, initially devised for a group of people with ME/CFS which can be used by anyone