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Yoga nidra in Moscow

We are proud of this page: it is probably the most extensive resource for freely available yoga nidra tracks you will find anywhere on the web.  Each of the audio files is uploaded and freely shared by members of Team Nidra, and is available for you to stream or download, as you wish. We do this because we know how valuable this treasure is, and wish for as many people to have access to the wonderful experiences of yoga nidra that a good quality practice can bring. 

There are live recordings, recordings made in cities and yoga studios, in meadows and woodlands, and recorded in English, German, Italian, Russian and Dutch (more languges coming soon).  Each recording gives you a flavour of a particular application of yoga nidra, so you can see what an adaptogenic and flexible practice yoga nidra can be  No two of these recordings are the same. We trust you enjoy them and they bring healing and joy into your life.

We have chosen to offer these audio recordings freely. We do this because we know yoga nidra to be a valuable practice which we want to share widely. It does, however take a fair bit of time and effort to upload the recordings and maintain this site so you can use it. If you feel you have benefitted from what you have heard or learnt from this site then please do consider making a contribution towards its maintenance and upkeep. We’d appreciate that, and it would help to ensure we can continue to offer this service freely.

Thank you.
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, Co-Founders, Yoga Nidra Network


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