Free yoga nidras

We are proud of this page: a diverse collection of creative and original yoga nidra tracks, unlike anything else on the web. These audio files have been uploaded by Yoga Nidra Network teacher-members, and are available for you to stream (click on the middle of the CD image) or download (click on the filename underneath) as you wish.

There are live recordings, made in cities and yoga studios, in meadows and woodlands, and recorded in English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Each one gives you a flavour of a particular application of yoga nidra, so you can see for yourself what a flexible practice it can be. We trust they bring peace, healing and joy into your life.

We have chosen to offer these audio recordings freely so that as many people as possible can have access to the wonderful experiences that a good quality yoga nidra practice can bring. It does however take a fair bit of time and effort to maintain this site, so if you feel you have benefited from what you have heard or learnt here then please do consider making a contribution towards its maintenance and upkeep. We’d appreciate that, and it would help to ensure we can continue to offer this service freely.


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Teacher-members can add their own yoga nidra downlaods. If you're not yet a teacher-member but would like to add a practice to this collection, please contact us.

Thank you.
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, Co-Founders, Yoga Nidra Network.

Uma and Nirlipta's yoga nidras

Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

This twenty-six minute yoga nidra invites you to connect with the deep feminine knowing of cyclical... read more
This thirty-eight minute yoga nidra practice honours the vulnerable power of innocence and the... read more
This forty minute yoga nidra was created to dignify and honour the experiences of menopause as a... read more
This forty minute yoga nidra practice is intended to provide support as we encounter the... read more
Recorded live beneath a tree in a garden in Amherst, Massachusetts, specially for the Fertility,... read more
This 19 minute-long Wild Nidra was recorded live on the rocks of Fanore beach, in the Burren,... read more
Reconnecting and calming, this 20 minute yoga nidra begins with a home-coming song... read more
This 14 minute nourishing nidra was recorded at Imbolc, on the eve of Saint Brigid's day, live... read more
This sixteen minute yoga nidra was recorded on an October afternoon by a lively stream, high up in... read more
This nineteen minute and 47 second yoga nidra was recorded live in Lesvos on a beautiful May... read more
This 28 minute practice is a warm welcome nidra, recorded live in Moscow, with thirty two Russian... read more
This 18 minute Wild Nidra was recorded by starlight, on my phone by the banks of the Caher river in... read more
This 22 minute practice is a naturally arising experience of 'wild nidra' that occurred at Hawkwood... read more
This 13 minute yoga nidra practice was recorded for the Menstrual Health yoga day in Stroud in July... read more
This is a gentle and awakening 16 minute practice to invite the inner light of consciousness to... read more
This is a live recording of a morning practice delivered specially for the yoginis at the Bright... read more
This track can be found on the Sitaram CD entitled Songs for Yoga Babies & Relaxation for... read more
This track can be found on the Sitaram CD entitled Yoga Birth.

Nirlipta Tuli

This 18min Yoga Nidra offers a permissive approach, suitable for all. It was recorded as... read more
This new, 35 minute nidra will help you drift gently off to sleep. It was developed... read more
This 22 minute sleep nidra is specially designed to not wake you up at the end, so you can... read more
A soothing way to detach and observe oneself. This practice was recorded live at Santosa Yoga... read more
This is a precious gift: a yoga nidra practice (around 40 minutes) recorded... read more
This track can be found on the Sitaram CD entitled Yoga Birth.

Total Yoga Nidra trained teachers' yoga nidras

Fiona Moosavi-Jalal

This is a Richard Miller rotation and focuses on sensations found in the body and bringing to life... read more
This is a Rod Stryker rotation, good for an evening practice or for the more experienced... read more
This is a 30 min YN, perfect for less experienced students or for a day time practice as I guide... read more
This is a 15 min Nidra, it was the one I recorded on the TYN teaching course. It can be enjoyed by... read more

Mel Skinner

Abundance and spaciousness make this yoga nidra the perfect meditation to accompany your new spring... read more
20 minutes of expansive and reflective yoga nidra for you today, honouring the full moon in Libra
Colour, light and deep relaxation in this new moon yoga nidra in Pisces
Enjoy this short but deep yoga nidra inviting you close to the spaces within and without the body.... read more
Enjoy this 26 min recording inviting you to enter into the deep resting space of body and heart.
Explore deep heart connection as well as total relaxation to make letting go at this full moon a... read more
Journey deep into the heart using lots of imagery in this 15 min yoga nidra, and discover your real... read more
This yoga nidra is a dreamy invitation to fully reside in the space you are in, and to plant any... read more
Enjoy a beautiful yoga nidra invoking a golden thread leading us directly to the light of the ... read more
This Yoga Nidra is designed to honour the full moon which is in Gemini this month. It's ... read more
This yoga nidra is designed to encourage to let the ebb and flow of abundance into our lives by... read more
Designed to honour the new moon in Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and harmony, this yoga... read more
A 20min yoga nidra to welcome in the beautiful harvest moon this October. Invitations to let the... read more
This yoga nidra explores using san kalpa to change the way you think and feel by connecting... read more
Recorded at the third of my Celebration of Shakti workshops in Bristol. This one was... read more
Approx 30minutes of deep dreamy yoga nidra, planting seeds of inspiration and love from the heart... read more
A 27 minute yoga nidra exploring the various ways we can travel around the body to go into a deep... read more
This short 12 minute yoga nidra offers you the possibility of bathing the body in the light of the... read more
A 22 minute practice embodying the stillness and coolness of the new moon as drops of water... read more
A 32 minute yoga nidra guiding us to explore the possibility of welcoming in change.

Derval Dunford

Beautiful bilingual Well of Wisdom (Irish & English). 25.41 mins. A nourishing ‘down to earth’... read more
Tobar na Críonnachta - Well of Wisdom,  as Gaelige – in Irish. 20.08 mins. A nourishing ‘down... read more
A nourishing ‘down to earth’ track from Ireland, (In English) inviting a deep sense of connection... read more

Philippe Beer Gabel

Le Yoga Nidra final du Training 50h qui a eu lieu en Ardèche du 16 au 24 Février 2018 au Domaine du... read more
Tutor Nidra during 50 hours training in France
Yoga Nidra Live Session à Noëlie Yoga - Aix en Provence
Yoga Nidra Live Session à Connective Yoga - Nîmes - 19 décembre 2017
Yoga Nidra with the sound of the Finnish harp (French) live class in Nice
Recorded during Yoga & Pilates retreat in Fez in July 2017
Recorded during Yoga & Pilates retreat in Fez in July 2017
Recorded during yoga & pilates retreat in Fez in July 2017
Recorded during Yoga & Pilates retreat in Fez in July 2017
Yoga Nidra Maroc #3 - Douleur - Satyananda Classic Recorded during Yoga & Pilates retreat in... read more
Yoga Nidra Maroc #2 - Satyananda Classic - Recorded during Yoga & Pilates retreat in... read more
Yoga Nidra Maroc #1 (French) - iRest Classic - Recorded during Yoga & Pilates Retreat in... read more
Final Yoga Nidra during the Yin Yoga Workshop of the 2nd of June @ Social Club, Bordeaux
Live Yoga Nidra Class during yoga retreat on Carlo Forte Island
Live class in Perpignan, south of France. Final of the Yin Yoga workshop "Le Grand Ménage de... read more
Un yoga nidra très particulier où le son tient le haut du pavé. Une belle improvisation issue... read more
Pratique iRest en français accompagné de la musique de David Grubbs et Mats Gustafsson Long... read more
[FR] Un Yoga Nidra qui se concentre sur le coeur, la mélodie qui y existe et une rotation de la... read more
[FR] Un Yoga Nidra incluant une version longue de la rotation de la conscience de Satyananda... read more
[FR] Un Yoga Nidra suivant les 61 points de la rotation de la conscience issue de la tradition de l... read more
[FR] Un Yoga Nidra explorant différentes paires d'opposées et respectant certains principes d'iRest... read more
[FR] Un Yoga Nidra qui porte l'idée d'être reconnaissant envers notre famille (qu'elle... read more

Fiona Law

This 40-minute nidra is nature-based, at the time of the fertile darkness of the new moon... read more
Recorded mid-September 2017, as the swallows have just left, storms have produced heavy showers... read more
Delivered at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm, West Leigh, Mid Devon for a sankalpa workshop at midsummer.... read more

Lucy Maresh

A spacious practice for cultivating inner light at the darkest time of the year. Recorded on 14... read more
A simple yoga nidra suitable for beginners including a visualisation of being on a warm sunny beach...
This practice is suitable for anyone wishing to connect with their body and its potential for... read more
A super short practice for children. This practice was recorded especially for a beautiful... read more
This spacious 25 minute nidra was recorded live at our Midwinter relaxation and meditation evening... read more
A simple practice for any stage of pregnancy inviting you to connect with your inner wisdom.... read more

Helen Moss

This Nidra invites the listener to imagine their body like the landscape of a beach and to plant a... read more
This nidra was recorded live at the end of a restorative yoga class and focuses on... read more
This Nidra celebrates the possibility that a full moon creates and was recorded live on the evening... read more
This 16min Yoga Nidra is about drawing on the healing energies of the earth to offer us the healing... read more
This 15minute nidra is to help the practioner develop a gentle, kind approach to themelves, to... read more
21minutes 2 seconds This nidra uses imagery of free flowing water in a location and form of your... read more
19minutes 27 seconds This nidra uses imagery of a drop of nectar nourishing the body and invites... read more

Sivani Mata Francis

This 23min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our Women's Yoga weekly class at The Life... read more
This 19min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our Women's Yoga weekly class at The Life Centre,... read more
This 28min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our regular Women's Yoga Circle in London, January ... read more
This 25min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our regular Women's Yoga Circle in London, Sept 2016. It... read more
This 22min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our regular Women's Yoga Circle in London, Aug 2016. It... read more
This 26min Yoga Nidra was recorded live with an amazing group of women at the beautiful Being... read more
This 27min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at Bhuti Yoga and Well-Being space in Richmond, London... read more
24min Yoga Nidra using nyasa, the placement of mantra (OM NAMAH SHIVAYA) around the body in the... read more

Caroline Pillet

test ulpoad for anxiety
Cette pratique enregistrée au bord de l’océan nous invite à voyager entre l’immobilité paisible des... read more
Une pratique accompagnée au tambour, à la rencontre d’un arbre, d’une forêt, activant notre... read more
Une pratique nous invitant à nous accueillir tels que nous sommes. Une pratique pour arriver en... read more
Enregistrée en Irelande sur l'île d'Inis More en Juin 2016, cette pratique s'inspire de la... read more

Theo Wildcroft

A journey into colour accompanied by Ling Mann’s beautiful singing bowls at Santosa 2017. This one'... read more
1: Fire and earth come together at the World Tree. 28mins. Part of a collection of 5 yoga nidras... read more
14 minutes. An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations;... read more
A late-night wild nidra for Krishna's birthday at Santosa Yoga Camp 2016 - with a special guest.... read more
Full nidra for seasonal change and renewal
Pared down wild nidra to introduce self-practice
Short marma point and prana nidra as an introduction to the energy body
Classic body rotation for physical relaxation
Recorded on my last day onsite at Santosa yoga camp 2015, inspired by a friend’s request to be ‘... read more
A stronger, therapeutic yoga nidra to help with pain management. 22 mins
A compact but complete yoga nidra designed for yoga practitioners. 15minutes.

Lucy Arnsby-Wilson

This yoga Nidra was recorded at home with my children.  It is a  snuggly, sleepy bed... read more
 A nidra recorded with a Pastu interpreter and using coherence breathing. This nidra was... read more

Claudia Smith

This Yoga Nidra was recorded in 2013 on Uma and Nirlipta's training in Stroud. When listening... read more


A yoga nidra based on the number 108, a sacred number for yogis to enter space of Samadhi...
Erotic Nidra....
An experimental Yoga Nidra based on 3 chapters that make you travel with Chronos.
An experimental Yoga Nidra based on 3 chapters that make you travel with Chronos.
An experimental Yoga Nidra based on 3 chapters that make you travel with Chronos.

Sara Johnson

A live Yoga Nidra practice to connect with love, compassion & kindness. 22mins.
 A live recording from a regular Yoga Nidra class in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. A soothing,... read more

gulcin tuna dines

This 28-minute yoga nidra is for helping people with any type of addiction. Changing behaviour is a... read more

Janice Wong

Recorded Live at the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training in Stroud 2016
Recorded live at the Manchester Yoga Nidra Foundation 2016

Daniel Groom

In this gentle, 25 minute practice, you are invited to imagine meeting yourelf in a garden... read more

Ben Wolff

Have you ever thought there's got to be an easy way of getting to sleep? Looking for a... read more
Fancy a change, for a change? Fancy yourself as a would be alchemist? This 24 minute nidra is... read more
Have you ever wondered about your sankalpa? With this 10 minute practice allow Ben to... read more

Omkari (Mayte Gómez)

Yoga Nidra to re-energize, in Spanish.
Yoga Nidra to rest, in Spanish
Yoga Nidra to aid sleep, in Spanish.

Annalisa Cardin

A live recording of a practice that begins and ends with the chanting of the Ayur Mantra (from the... read more
Pratica di Yoga Nidra in italiano

Tessa Sanderson

I recorded this especially for a client whose baby was breech to support the baby to turn head down... read more
A yoga nidra focused on the breasts, to create a loving and nourishing relationship with them. (15... read more
For relaxation during pregnancy, but also to immerse you in positive affirmations at this special... read more

Raquel Lyons

This 20 min Yoga Nidra is a heart centered experience and the rotation of consciousness was... read more
Under 13 minutes to experience Nidra through a series of guided practices including initial... read more
A 30 minute Yoga Nidra in Spanish, recorded in Mallorca, spreading Love & Compassion!

Lorna Neuber

A short and sweet German language yoga nidra for daily relaxation and as a brief retreat. For... read more

Verena Singhammer

Kinder können durch Yoga Nidra zur Ruhe kommen, mehr Ausgeglichenheit finden und besser schlafen... read more

Bridget Reader

Short script with influence from ayurveda, initially devised for a group of people with ME/CFS... read more

Rachel Srividya Fleming

This track is designed for deep relaxation and can be used by any level of student.

Other teachers' yoga nidras

Paweł Kwaśniewski

A track from CD "Breathing Techniques and Relaxation" in Polish. Fragment z płyty "Techniki... read more

Jeffrey Balinsky

This ~30 minute practice highlights the non-dual Tantrik teaching of how all things arise from and... read more

Jude Murray

Yoga Nidra with Jude Murray accompanied  towards the end by Richard Harding on singing bowls.... read more

Diana Aben

Short and very useful, effective, this dutch Yoga Nidra. Take time to go into your silence space in... read more

Livia Bezem

This 17 and a half minute yoga nidra is all in Hebrew. This deep relaxation, a classical Satyananda... read more

Mandy Penalver

This deeply relaxing True Rest meditation aids a profound release of physical, mental &... read more

Kamini Desai Amrit Yoga Institute

Only 21 minutes long. Great for  quick but thorough body rejuvenation and mental clearing.... read more

Kanya Kanchana

A short practice suitable for anyone who would like a quick and gentle introduction to yoga nidra.... read more

Christopher Gladwell

Yoga-Tantra explored through the power of Nidra. A deconstruction of conditioned persona... read more

Iain Bennett

This is an 8-stage yoga nidra, suitable especially for beginners. It includes the... read more

Total Yoga Nidra Students' yoga nidras

These yoga nidras were recorded during Total Yoga Nidra teacher training.

Russell Sung

This beautiful, wordless, sung nidra was delivered by Russell during his Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course.

Russell Spoken

This cosmic nidra was delivered by Russell during his Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course.


This beautiful, 15 minute practice was delivered by Magali as part of her Total Yoga Nidra teacher training.


This practice was delievered by Yolanda on her Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training Course.


This practice was delievered by Salome on her Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training Course.


This practice was delivered by Paula on her Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training Course.


This practice was delivered by Pennie on her Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training Course.